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Hansel-Manhunt and Danselman!

October 19th, 2009 kcshap13

Hello again,

This weekend was great! Friday night was a culmination of all our efforts so far on House Council. We wanted to plan an event that the whole Hanselman dorm… excuse me, “residence hall” I believe is the new term… could come together and have a good time. We decided that the game Manhunt (basically a hide-and-go-seek/tag combination played in the dark) would be perfect, and, out of our love of puns, Hansel-Manhunt was born.

Since it had been snowing earlier on Friday morning, we were a little doubtful whether it was actually going to come together. So you can imagine our surprise when close to 60 Hanselman residents dressed in all black showed up in the common room.We played two rounds, the first in which half of us searched and half us hid, and then seekers became hiders. If my team of five hadn’t been so restless hiding under a bush and decided to bolt for another hiding spot, who knows, we MIGHT have been victorious. It ended up being a great way for different floors to get to know each other, and, in my opinion, a great time was had by all.

We continued the celebration with an event organized by the first floor boys (yet another pun) “Danselman” in which we removed all the furniture from Hanselman kitchen and proceeded to use it as a giant dance floor!

On Saturday I went into Boston to see my friend Jonny’s concert at MIT and hang out with some of my cousin’s friends. Even though I’d never taken a train by myself before, getting to Boston and back was an easy hour and a half ride. After a fun day in the city I was back in time to spend Saturday night with my friends at Holy Cross!

On Sunday Hana and I went to Target, cleaned our room, decorated it for Halloween (the skull and spiderwebs on our door are legitimately scary), and added a lamp that made it a hundred times brighter! Good weekend.

Now it’s back to work for me, bye everybody!

2 Responses to “Hansel-Manhunt and Danselman!”

  1. Chantelles says:

    Great One…

    How different would the music world be without Michael Jackson? ,

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