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Law Firm Fridays!

August 7th, 2012 kcshap13

Even better than casual Fridays 🙂

How this came about– Since my internship offer at Tuesday’s Children was 4 days a week, I originally thought about trying to get another job to help pay for some NYC expenses. Realizing how tricky it might be to get a weekend job with such a full schedule, I decided to send a few (14) emails to immigration law firms in my new NYC neighborhood to offer to volunteer and perhaps get some more experience! You see, through my HC Spring Break Immersion trip to El Paso, as well as other travels to Mexico, my Peru Semester Abroad, and my time working with Lutheran Social Services’ Unaccompanied Minor Refugee program in Worcester, I became interested in possibly studying Immigration law. A few days later, I received a call from an associate at Barst Mukamal & Kleiner LLP, one of the oldest and most prestigious immigration law firms in the country!

I had a quick phone interview, emailed a resume and writing sample, and, on the first Friday of June, I dressed in my only suit and entered the beautiful Park Avenue building.

What I was not expecting: “Thank goodness you’re here! We have a project we really need your help on!” were the almost the first words I heard from the Associate Attorney. I felt instantly welcomed and appreciated!

Indeed, I spent the next Fridays assembling and organizing a two-hundred-and-seventy-something-page training manual for a novice paralegal, drawing from dozens and dozens of explanatory emails and forms. Meanwhile, I was eager to follow SIP’s advice to ask questions and take in my surroundings. Like Tuesday’s Children, I found myself surrounded by interesting and passionate people.  On my final Friday volunteering, they even offered me a role as a paralegal when I finished school!

While my future aspirations are still uncertain, this summer has made me excited, rather than fearful, of the future. Thanks to Tuesday’s Children and the Summer Internship Program, as well as my luck finding Barst Mukamal & Kleiner LLP, I now have a couple of ideas to pursue!

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