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How to Ace Your TV Interview.

July 29th, 2012 kcshap13

Pop quiz for those who have been following my blog– Which baseball celebrity did I almost share air time with on my second day at Tuesday’s Children? Hint- Mets Pitching Ace…

Now for a question I’ve been wondering ever since. How could that interview have gone better? How can I, or any one of you all, prepare better for our next television appearance? (Geez, this blog has really gone to my head).

Colleen, one of our PR partners at LAK that works with Tuesday’s Children during busy parts of the year, shared some tips with Tuesday’s Children staff. Here are some that are especially helpful!

1. No matter how well you think you know the material, write down 3-5 points you want the audience to walk away with.

2. Make them care. Tap into emotions rather than hard data. For an amazing organization like Tuesday’s Children, it’s hard to choose from all the touching stories that could be shared– Which is why Colleen suggested that each of the TC Staff choose an especially compelling moment that they have witnessed to put in their pocket and share with the audience to show them the good work they really do. It was so great to see all the women in the room share their most touching experiences at Tuesday’s Children– this really is an amazing place!

3. Make it accessible and very much like a conversation. The simpler words you use the better. What would someone (for example, Colleen’s grandfather) want to hear? Not going to lie, I will probably always think of Colleen’s grandfather whenever I prep for an interview.

4. Assume anything a reporter says is ON the record—and will show up in the newspaper.

5. Practice. Tape and watch. You’ll learn.

6. Stick to your guns and take the time you need to leave them with a positive message they remember.

Thanks, Colleen! Now, if I could only go back in time enough to prepare for that Johan Santana press conference on my second day at work! In fact, if only I could extend my time at Tuesday’s Children…

That’s a wrap,


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