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Project Common Bond Beginnings

July 15th, 2012 kcshap13

“So… What do you do at your internship?”

“Oh, just some WORLD PEACE. How about you?”

This conversation didn’t actually happen, but my fellow Tuesday’s Children intern Paige and I agree that being part of Project Common Bond, Tuesday’s Children international program and the only one in the world of its kind, is just as close as we could possibly get to witnessing world peace this summer.

Project Common Bond brings together young adults, ages 15 to 20, from all over the world that have lost loved ones to terrorism. This year participants have come from Argentina, England, Ireland, Israel, Liberia, Northern Ireland, the Palestinian territory, Russia, Spain, Sri Lanka, the United States, Algeria, France, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Makes for amazing richness in languages, cultures, dialogue, personalities, and talents. Not to mention an awesome dance party and jam session.

Introducing our new Nigerian friends to fooseball, learning new dances with the Sri Lankans, and singing along while an Israeli plays Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” on guitar have been only some of the many special moments that this community has shared. In a matter of a few days, this group of participants has already formed strong relationships and entered into a dialogue of peace.

I will definitely try to post more later in the week, stay tuned!

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