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June 26th, 2012 kcshap13


Those were the words written on the facebook wall. The REAL facebook wall of the Madison Avenue facebook offices.

As the three of us from Tuesday’s Children sat down to our meeting, we couldn’t help but be amazed we were sitting in the office of one of the most important technologies of our time. I was silently entertained when I “checked my facebook” when I was LITERALLY sitting inside facebook.

Our facebook contact, a member of Tuesday’s Children Junior Board, showed us how advertising on facebook could help Tuesday’s Children attract fans–literally “likes”– and how they often provide coupons to fund nonprofit advertising initiatives.

“We just want people to Like us,” one TC staff member said, probably not realizing how desperate that could have sounded outside a facebook context.

Today, I learned three important things:

1. facebook works because of social context. People “like” things because their friends do. You have an 80% more chance of “liking” something if you see that one of your friends has already “liked” it. This is called connections targeting.

2. In facebook advertising, it’s all about that Call to Action. Sometimes, it’s as simple as telling people what to do. Ex: “Like” us to receive a $2 coupon! Oh, and yeah, people also like free stuff.

3. You are putting information about yourself on your facebook page, and there is no legal reason why facebook can’t use this information to market to you. It might seem creepy at first, but after today I can see how it connects people with products and causes they might actually be interested in. This concept of relational marketing apparently goes back even before the internet!

It really was fascinating learning so much about advertising/copy built into new technology. If only I could tell my friends on Mad Men about this! I’m also excited to see how many new “likes” we can get on our Like Campaign, so if you’re reading this please LIKE Tuesday’s Children on facebook:!

the facebook wall.

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