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Today the weather was absolutely beautiful again. The trees are changing colors and the ground outside Hanselman is covered with bright red leaves. My Aunt Kath said she would never forget her first New England fall, and now  I know why!

I was really happy because it meant that I got to run outside on the track. The Hart Center is great, albeit crowded at times, but nothing beats being able to run outside on a beautiful day! I was also able to take advantage of the weather a little bit more because my Montserrat class was cancelled due to the illness of my professor. I was a little disappointed since today my writing piece was up for peer review– fortunately a pick-up game of ultimate frisbee on the grass outside of Fenwick cheered me right up.

After dinner my friend Hana and I went to my friend Henry’s soccer game, and then to Hogan to see the weekly performance of Fools on the Hill, HC’s only co-ed a cappella group. Our friend, and fellow Hanselmanian, James is a Fool (the kind that sings haha), so about ten of us always join the other fifty or so loyal Fools fans for a couple of songs at 10:10 every Thursday night. They are absolutely amazing, and a great way to take a homework break!


Hello again,

This weekend was great! Friday night was a culmination of all our efforts so far on House Council. We wanted to plan an event that the whole Hanselman dorm… excuse me, “residence hall” I believe is the new term… could come together and have a good time. We decided that the game Manhunt (basically a hide-and-go-seek/tag combination played in the dark) would be perfect, and, out of our love of puns, Hansel-Manhunt was born.

Since it had been snowing earlier on Friday morning, we were a little doubtful whether it was actually going to come together. So you can imagine our surprise when close to 60 Hanselman residents dressed in all black showed up in the common room.We played two rounds, the first in which half of us searched and half us hid, and then seekers became hiders. If my team of five hadn’t been so restless hiding under a bush and decided to bolt for another hiding spot, who knows, we MIGHT have been victorious. It ended up being a great way for different floors to get to know each other, and, in my opinion, a great time was had by all.

We continued the celebration with an event organized by the first floor boys (yet another pun) “Danselman” in which we removed all the furniture from Hanselman kitchen and proceeded to use it as a giant dance floor!

On Saturday I went into Boston to see my friend Jonny’s concert at MIT and hang out with some of my cousin’s friends. Even though I’d never taken a train by myself before, getting to Boston and back was an easy hour and a half ride. After a fun day in the city I was back in time to spend Saturday night with my friends at Holy Cross!

On Sunday Hana and I went to Target, cleaned our room, decorated it for Halloween (the skull and spiderwebs on our door are legitimately scary), and added a lamp that made it a hundred times brighter! Good weekend.

Now it’s back to work for me, bye everybody!

Hello everyone!

Whether you’re prospective students, friends, family, or just random strangers, I’d just like to thank you guys for visiting my blog! Hopefully by documenting my first year here on the Hill, you’ll get to see what’s its like to be a Holy Cross student, well at least THIS Holy Cross student!

So, it’s been a while, but I’ll try to start from the beginning. I decided to go to Holy Cross because of the size,  its Jesuit affiliation, its exciting New England location (I’m proudly from Missouri, but I thought I’d switch it up), the strength of its academics, the school spirit,  the friendliness of the people, the community feeling, and, at the risk of sounding superficial, the BEAUTIFUL campus!

So far, the reasons I came are the same reasons that I’ve been having such a great time here. My classes are great, the football team is almost undefeated, and the campus in Fall is absolutely gorgeous… I took a postcard from the admissions office and hung it up on my bulletin board to remind me during the upcoming winter months. Move-in day and Orientation Weekend now seem like an exciting blur. Even though the lectures were packed with information, my Orientation leaders have really made my transition as simple as… pie? Alright, well it’s still college. And there is A LOT of homework (especially now that it’s already time for midterms!) But luckily I love my roommate, and the support of my orientation leaders, teachers, and new Hanselman friends have made my college experience so far a positive one.

So much for now, but I’ll keep you posted!

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