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May 28th, 2012 kcshap13

As the Amtrak Acela Express floats at incredibly high speeds past the boats and boroughs of Massachusetts, I’m thinking, “Wow, this is the fastest train EVER.”

Admittedly, watching with awe as the scenery flew past me was all I could muster for the first few minutes after hauling and stashing my, count them, six bags and personal items on board. Did I exceed the recommended and perhaps allowed amount of baggage? To that question, I reply with another: How could I possibly not scavenge for free pots, pans, and coffee makers left behind by graduating Holy Cross seniors? And, How else am I supposed to furnish a dorm room in Manhattan for the summer when both my roommate and I hail from St. Louis, Missouri? Geez, hypothetically-critical Self!

Relaxing in the “Quiet Car” gives me the perfect break to reflect on what led me on board this train in the first place, the first days of my roundabout journey from St. Louis to Holy Cross Graduation to Cape Cod, and the adventure that awaits me when I arrive at Penn Station in less than three hours (Wow, this train really is fast!).

After wrapping up exams on the first day of Finals Week, I booked it to “The Lou” to spend a great two weeks with family and friends. With family located as far away as France, we took advantage of our time together by celebrating as many holidays as we could think of at once. Happy Welcome-Home/Farewell/Mothers’/Fathers’/Birth/Graduation Day, everyone!!!! Home was fabulous—my family packed in a decathlon of activities from biking to tennis to golf to baking, and it was great to see my friends getting started with their own respective internships, leading to the inevitably cheesy conclusion, “Awww, we’re all growing up.”

Am I really growing up? My new “working” wardrobe of pencil skirts, blazers and comfortable shoes my mom and I spent so long shopping for seems to suggest it. Watching my Holy Cross senior friends graduate on Friday, it struck me how prepared they are for the trials at hand. Celebrating their achievements thus far and the opportunities before them whether decided or not, I felt in a deep way just how ready-as-they’ll-ever-be they are. I also felt an urgent need to make the most of that one more year I have left at Holy Cross. I think I’ll begin with one of the greatest discernment tools they’ve handed me—the Summer Internship Program and generous opportunity offered me by Tuesday’s Children.

As my Amtrak Acela Express races forward, so do I. Whether you are an incoming or current Holy Cross student, family member, friend, prospective employer, or Internet surfer… Welcome and thanks for tuning in for my adventure!



Holy Cross Graduation! Congrats, everyone!!!

A Beautiful Sunset on the Cape!

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