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Family Weekend!

October 28th, 2009 kcshap13

There’s family weekend and then there’s FAMILY WEEKEND! When it comes to the Shapleigh family, it’s go big or go home. And since for us home is a long way a way, why not go big? Of course that meant my family weekend festivities started at 10:00 AM on Friday as soon as I was finished with my classes. My mom and I drove to Boston and met up with my Aunt Kath, my dad, and my older sisters Julie and Claire. We did quintessential touristy things like chow down on “chowda” and tour the John Adams house in Quincy, and also made it back to campus in time to enjoy appetizers at the President’s reception and, of course, ice cream in Kimble! We ended the night with “… And Joyful Be,” a concert by the Holy Cross Choir in the St. Joseph Memorial Chapel. It was amazing! I’m constantly in awe of all the unique talents of students at this school.

Hana and I woke up early on Saturday morning to start flipping pancakes for the Hanselman Family Weekend Pancake Breakfast, one of our duties as Community Ambassadors for H.E.R.O. (Hanselman House Council). While we flipped away in the kitchen, parents and students congregated in the Hanselman common room, chatting with each other and listening to our friend James play the piano. I think it turned out rather well! After, my family did a thorough sports sampling, first supporting my friend Megan on the field hockey team, then drifting to the ice hockey rink to witness our first ever women’s ice hockey game, then, of course, we had to watch the ‘Saders dominate the Colgate Raiders in an exciting 42-28 victory, making HC the best team in the Patriot League! Since it was torrentially pouring (it always rains when parents visit the campus we’ve decided), we chose the drier option and sat in Hogan with a small contingent of other “fair weather” fans.

For dinner, instead of using my parents to get off campus and go to a gourmet restaurant, my family enjoyed a classy dining experience in Kimble with Hana and her family. My parents were relieved that there was plenty of food available on campus (I could tell my mom had been pretty worried by her weekly, and much appreciated, shipments of cookies and banana bread), and they were very complimentary of the pot roast! After dinner, we went right away to reserve seats for the Fools on the Hill a cappella concert in Seelos Theatre. I’m glad we did because it was PACKED! At the risk of sounding repetitive, those Fools are amazing! My family wants me to send them a CD as soon as possible. I finished out my Saturday night by volunteering at the Edge, HC’s on-campus dance club, and using up the rest of the leftover batter from breakfast by making late-night chocolate chip pancakes with my friends.

On Sunday, it was time to see my parents off. We had a great last hurrah by exploring the annual Wachusett Apple Festival at Wachusett Mountain (which I am SO excited to snowboard on come late November– for all you snowboarders/skiers, Mt. Wachusett is only 20 minutes away from Worcester). It was really great to see them, and I miss them a lot. Luckily, they have this blog to check up on me whenever they please– HEY FAMILY!

Sunday night we went to Heeley Haunted House (SO SCARY for being in the basement of a residence hall!) and got dominated in our intramural soccer game (our team is hilarious!).


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